Isma. A. Colarusso

I am isma a certified personal trainer,
National Academy of Sports and Medicine,
l have been diagnosed with thyroid condition in 2012,
losing weight and exercising is very challenging with thyroid disease and understanding what it takes to maintain a healthy weight, lifestyle, eating habits and stress relief for this autoimmune disease can be overwhelming without guidance, it was a time when I was unhappy  and not proud of myself,...
I took the hard work path which leads me to discover fitness world and become a
personal trainer to help women like me dealing with Hashimoto/ hypothyroidism get in shape, balanced and most important be proud of themselves,
take a second close your eyes and imagine yourself in front of
a mirror looking at the most beautiful women you never seen
get excited and say “Yes I did it”yes !!!!
your life can be put back on track Having a thyroid disease is not the end of the world but at the same time is a new lifestyle. 

I draw on my own personal fitness journey and 6 years experience to understand and relate to my clients challenges.

I design an individualized plan for each client that maximize workout efficiency.

Holistic health and fitness is an approach that incorporates both the traditional aspects of physical fitness, such as aerobic capacity, strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, finding balance, corrective exercises and increasing energy, while also attending to the nutritional (nutrition supplements and weight management), psychological approach as motivation for clients, sports medicine contributions.

I adept at creating a warm environment for clients which can successfully achieve health and wellness goals.

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