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Updated: Mar 16

My 30th birthday is just around the corner, so I decided to gift myself a professional fitness photoshoot. I feel like that day will change something inside me, something that has been changing within me for a long time. To a stranger, that photoshoot may just seem like a simple gift, but it means so much more to me. My name is Isma, and I am an in-home personal trainer. And this is my journey.

I discovered my passion for fitness in 2012 after I was diagnosed with thyroid disease. I had been gaining weight, and fast. Within a week I could no longer fit in my own jeans! I didn’t even want to look at myself in the mirror.

After I received my diagnosis and as soon as I got my doctor’s clearance to workout twice a week, I signed up for an unlimited gym membership. I started working out seven days a week, and soon after, I noticed I began to lose the weight I had gained through my thyroid disease. All of a sudden, I fell back in love with my body. I decided to move to New York City to become a personal trainer. After my experience gaining and losing weight myself, I wanted to acquire the expertise to help people achieve their own fitness goals. Moreover, I wanted to share the trials and tribulations of my own journey by sharing my experiences and giving people someone to relate to.

My plan is to be on the keto diet with intermittent fasting and some days of dry fasting, as well. I will be working out six days a week: weight training, swimming, hot yoga and a lot of stretching. Basically spending my day at the gym and at the end I'll do water loading and depletion, glycogen depletion workouts, and carbing up.

I will be posting every week to keep my community updated on my progress, how I’m feeling about my journey, and all of my successes and let-downs alike.

The question now is... can I really do this? Or is it all just a dream?

One thing is sure I'll not spend the rest of my life wondering if I can do it.



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First week

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Day one:

Hello everyone! After the long night, the day started with dry fasting, which is a situation whereby I restrained myself from taking any substance. This is my method of get myself to the right shape so fast.

Do you all want to know what kind if cheat day I had? It wasn't that crazy. However, the chocolate and chips were only the order of the day! How does that sound? Incredible? Well, I set myself free from any food restriction.

After training my devoted clients, the day was over. I moved to the next schedule, my regular gym centre wasn't so far; I went to the gym for a hard leg workout. Actually, it has been a long time since I had such a workout, the reason was that I didn't have a spectacular leg day in my schedule.

So, how does the training go?

Leg workout:

I performed a 20 Min stretching, followed by.....

* Loaded sumo squat swing (I began with 25bl) Stand with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart, toes turned out, arms by your sides. Palms in.Engage your core and keep your chest lifted and back flat as you shift your weight into your heels, push your hips back, and bend your knees to lower into a squat. Bend your elbows and bring your palms together in front of your chest.Drive through your heels to stand and squeeze your glutes at the top for 1 rep.

* Bench barbell loaded hip thrust (on smith machine) 70bl: Lie with your upper back supported on a bench and your feet planted on the floor in front of you. Hold a barbell across your hips. Step 2 Lower your hips down so your gluts almost in contact with the floor.

* Bulgarian split squat: The Bulgarian split squat is a version of a single-leg squat where the back leg is elevated on a bench or a sturdy chair.

* Nordic hamstring curl: The Nordic curls most people who see it done for the first time, but the truth is, it’s a lovely hamstring exercise that beats prone leg curls for the fact that it keeps your feet stationary while your body pivots around the knee joint. This makes it much more reliant on eccentric strength and makes it a movement worth its weight in gold for hamstring strength and posterior-chain bolstering. The best part is, there’s no equipment needed, other than a place to secure your feet under.

I spent 30 Mins on Stairmaster steady cardio, level 6.

The day ended abruptly, but I really did enjoy myself. So what's next?

Friday, 13 September 2019

Day 2:

I have to be sincere with you guys, my leg muscles are very sore, mostly glute and inner thigh when I woke up this morning. I'm still on dry fasting worked out in the evening, Today is all about "Abs," have I ever mentioned loving "Abs"? I must have skipped a line. I love working out my Abs and sought my nooks and crannies out.

As usual, I started 30 Min stretching ooh god it's incredible.I spent 26 Min on 15 best isometric core exercises, basically, I timed 1Min workout and 15 Sec to rest in-between each exercise. Making 20 rounds in total (5 exercises are one side so I had to do 1 Min each side).

In a nutshell, all practices are enlisted below.

1- V-sit:

The V-sit Abs exercise builds core strength by working multiple areas of the core at the same time, while also challenging your balance. In this exercise, you sit with legs extended and torso off the ground, your body forming a V shape.

2- Elbow plank:

Planks are great for working the Abs, and the elbow plank is harder on the Abs than the traditional plank in a push-up position. Start face down on the floor, resting on your forearms and knees. Push off the floor, raising up off your knees onto your toes and resting mainly on your elbows.

3- Leg lift hold:

-Lie on your back, legs straight and together. -Keep your legs straight and lift them all the way up to the ceiling until your butt comes off the floor.

-Slowly lower your legs back down till they’re just above the floor. Hold for a moment.

-Raise your legs back up. Repeat.

4- Unilateral loaded v-sit (same as v-sit just alternate the medicine ball hand to hand)

5- Hollow hold:

The hollow hold is an isometric bodyweight exercise with variations that are used in every aspect of training; from rehabilitation up through power and athleticism.

6- Side elbows plank:

Begin by lying on your side. ...Stagger your feet so your left foot is just in front of your right, or stack the heels. Reach your left arm up toward the ceiling, which will help you lift your waist.Hold for 30 seconds, and work up to holding the position for one minute.

7-Bulldog hold:

Hands and feet on floor elevate you knee 3 inches off ground looks easy, is not 😂

8-Superman holds:

To begin, lie straight and face down on the floor or exercise mat. Your arms should be fully extended in front of you. ... Simultaneously raise your arms, legs, and chest off of the floor and hold this contraction for 2 seconds. Tip: Squeeze you're lower back to get the best results from this exercise.

9- Bird dog:

When it comes to learning how to use your core, nothing beats going back to basics with the bird dog. This simple exercise, also known as a quadruped, is a staple in every physical therapist's and personal trainer's tool bag for teaching core stability by engaging the abdominals and back muscles simultaneously.

10- Hand plank:

Your elbows should be directly beneath your shoulders, and your body should form a straight line from your head to your feet. One arm at a time, push yourself into a pushup position, arms fully extended beneath you. Lower yourself, one arm at a time, back down to the elbow plank starting position.

11- Dead bug hold:

The Dead Bug is an exercise designed to strengthen your core. It gets its funny name because when you perform it, you look like a dead bug lying on its back with its legs in the air.

12- Glute bridge:

The Glute Bridge is one of the most effective exercises to tone the glutes and the hamstrings. This lower body workout isolates and strengthens the glutes, hamstrings, the core stability muscles, the hip muscles, the lower back muscles, and strengthens the stabilization of the spinal cord.

13-Cross mountain climber hold (the hardest one):

The cross-body mountain climber is a core strengthening exercise that targets the entire abdominal region. ... The exercise also improves upper body strength and stability in the chest, shoulders, and triceps. Get into a pushup position and make your hands are slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.

14- Side hand plank:

15- V-sit reach through

Begin in a seated position, with hands and feet on the floor.

Slowly contract your abdominal muscles and coreand lift your legs up to a 45-degree angle.

Reach your arms straight forward or reach up toward your shins.

Hold this “V” position for 5-10 seconds to begin.

It doesn't end there, I did some weighted core exercise.......

A superset:

Is a form of strength training in which you move quickly from one exercise to a separate exercise without taking a break for rest in between the two exercises. Typically, you will take a brief break to catch your breath or grab a drink of water between sets of an exercise.

* This entails Hanging leg raises and hanging alternate knee raises

* Barbell floor wiper on smith machine 25bl *Side rope swing rotation 27bl.

With these, I killed my Abs to the last percentage. I could feel how they melt away in the fire of exercise; don't miss the fun guys, just give it a try.

I spent 20 Min on indoor cycling

I engaged in 5 Min warm-up

I performed 5 Min hard standing

I did 5Min easy seating

And lastly, 5 cool down posture.

After training

I went home exhausted. I tested my ketones level; I was at 0.9 mmol/L So I broke my dry fast after 46h with some Nativpath collagen mix and green detox felt refreshing after two days of hard workouts.

Yes! Just wanna inform you guys that I had 1 day of dry fasting, which equals 3 days of water fasting.

20 Min later in the day, I had 2 fried eggs with a slice of cheese. I know I should cut dairy but I love cheese, that's the only dairy I consume.


3hrs after, I had dinner green leafy salad in a Mediterranean style with avocado, chicken breast mayonnaise, and olive oil.

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Day 3:

Good morning guys, hope you all slept well? Day three of my journey have just begun! What was the first step?

I engaged in Upper body workout, I focused mostly on the upper back and some triceps and biceps.


I took 2 tbsp of MCT oil, unsweetened almond milk, Sunwarrior pea protein, Nativepath collagen and some ice cubes.

After that, I spent 40 Min stretching and did some handstand.

* Dumbbells bent over row 60bl.

* Barbell deadlifts 50bl.

* Standing overhead barbell push press 20bl


I did 21's exercise 30bl

Dumbbells farmer walk 60bl.

* I performed 4 sets of dips until failure.

* Seated close-grip cable row 27.5bl.

*Seated wild grip cable row pull-down 70bl.

* 4 sets until failure pull up.


Afterwards, I engaged in Interval sprints- 10 intervals for 20 min 2/6 mph. Listen, guys! If I would listen to myself before I do this I'll list thousands of excuses, which includes going for 100 Burpees instead of sprints. However, I just find myself doing it; and each time I am done? I am proud of myself, feel happy... so guys if you don't wanna do an exercise because is hard or you simply hate it, always remember is the right exercise to challenge your mind and body.


For lunch, I took a handful of leafy green with Avocado. Feta cheese, 3 tbsp of olive oil and anchovies.


While for dinner, I took Roasted cauliflower with parmesan cheese and coconut oil fry chicken breast.

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Day 4:

It was a beautiful Sunday morning, the swimming pool hours from 6 am to 9 am, means I had to get up at 6 am on Sunday. I thought I'll be the only one there who has the courage to do it, however, a surprise was the case. Many people were at the swimming pool before me, for a moment, I was contemplating on what I should be doing. I did freestyle swim for 55 Min, then proceeded to the sauna for 20 min, got ready to go upstairs to the stretching area.

I engaged in 40 min stretching: Do you know that a prone alternative glute squeezes and floor hip flexor stretch are important to unlock your glutes? I did Side elbows plank with hip abduction. Followed by.......

* Frog glute bridge.

* Single leg kettlebell deadlifts 25bl.

* Barbell back squat 50bl.


Machine leg press 90bl

Toes press on leg press machine 90bl.

*Leg curls machine 50bl

*Straight leg kickback machine 110bl.

*Leg extension quads curls. 60bl


I Dinner out with my husband at the Italian place down the road, I took this picture just to show you guys that it's always up to you to make the right choice of food; even if you have to ask the server to accommodate your platter. Just know that most of them are nice. My husband had the bread and pasta I didn't even wanna try that no matter how determined I am.

Monday, 16 September 2019

Day 5:

Hello, I'm still your in-home personal trainer Isma, you should definitely see what goes down today. Stay tuned.


This morning, I took 1 tbsp of MCT oil to break my fast which lasted for 20hours

I took 2 tbsp of MCT oil, Sunwarrion pea protein, Nativepath collagen and some almond/ pecan.

Do you guys wanna hear a gist?

Been the first day, the only thing I wanna do is relax. I had a mood swing, but I am determined I'll work out..... Yoo-hoo!

I finally made it, the first day of my period is very challenging for me to keep moving so I did just: 30Min stretching

One minute on each of the following exercise

1- V-sit

2- In and out Abs:

In this advanced core exercise, start off seating upright on the floor with your legs bent in front of you. Then, keeping a straight back, lift your hands off the floor, and pick your feet up as you draw your knees into your chest. ... Repeat this “In-Out” movement with control for the duration of the exercise.

3- Crunches:

The crunch is one of the most popular abdominal exercises. It involves the entire Abs, but primarily it works the rectus abdominis muscle and also works the obliques. It allows both building six-pack and tightening the belly.

4- Hollow hold

Knee to elbow with 3sec hold each

Bulldog hold

Leg raises


Glute bridge

5- Heels touchers:

Lie on the floor with the knees bent and the feet on the floor around 18-24 inches apart. Your arms should be extended by your side. ... Crunch over your torso forward and up about 3-4 inches to the right side and touch your right heel as you hold the contraction for a second.

6- Cross mountain climber

7- Side knee bend

8- Side hand plank

9- Toes touch

Today wasn't perfect enough, but what can I do? Nature calls. Not really proud of myself, but I did the best I could.


I settled for a handful of leafy greens, avocado, tomatoes and avocado oil.


I took beef stuffed peppers.

The result wasn't up to Pro this week. Definitely, I'll make reasonable changes on my workout next week.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Day 6:

The day began so low, as I was feeling a bit sick in the morning, Nausea, headache, no energy, I couldn’t leave the bed so I took a forced day off, despite that I wasn’t planning on having a day off this week. Well, nothing is predictable in this life.


No breakfast until 3 pm. However, I had a scoop of green Detox and Nativepath Collagen to break my fast.


I took a small side of Greek moussaka.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Day 7:

Good Morning from this side, a bigger thanks to those my health became their first priority. Feeling great now, I had to make up for yesterday overload, I did dry fasting from 8:30 pm to 3:30 pm 19 hours. My body fat is at 23%

Workout includes:

30 Min stretching

5 X 5 Snatch with 20bl

Kettlebell swing 25bl

Dumbbell dead row 30bl

Dumbbell single-arm row 15

Inverted row

Superset: 10bl

Standing crossover cable face pull

Kneeling crossover cable high pull

Standing crossover cable down pull

Push-ups 4 sets until failure.

After that, I spent an hour swimming, it was Absolutely freestyle at the Sauna for 20min.


After my workout, I had half scoop of Nativepath collagen, 1 scoop of Sunwarrior protein, 3 tbsp of MCT oil and few pecans.

An hour later I had coconut oil fry tilapia filet and broccoli with 2 tbsp of olive oil. That was it for the day.

Thanks for your observations on my write up. You are about to see more of my secrets to a healthy lifestyle, daily routine, and more..........Watch out for my next week close call, love you all!!!!

Week 2:

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Day 8:

Good morning everyone; how was the night? Mine was perfect, I really enjoyed myself.

To start the luxurious week, I took a day off from work and gym; to enjoy an amazing day at the women entrepreneurs in New York City, I really did enjoy myself. Nevertheless, the whole scenario reminds me the sky isn't the limit, we should aim for the universe. Many successful women in business shared very valuable tips and advice I did learn from........


Before running off, I took a coffee with creamer, mozzarellas stick and one babybel cheese.


I settled for leafy greens, tomatoes, cucumber and feta cheese, dressing.

I am proud of myself, could you believe I had breakfast and lunch free at the event? Despite all kinds of pasta, sandwiches, fruits,.... available. That day made me realize have developed a strong level of self

control and confidence. Yoo-hoo, I did it!!!!! You guys should understand that good or junk food choice is a decision you make, I don’t believe in excuses that; "I couldn’t fund meal that suits my diet." Among varieties of meals, Keto is the easiest diet ever. Firstly, you just have to know what kind of vegetables it entails. Secondly, it has fewer carbs, and you can get leafy green everywhere. Thirdly, you just have to add protein and dressing to attract more fat, fragrance and appealing look.


This evening was astonishing, my husband cooked a very yummy alfredo linguini with broccoli and chicken. Even if I hurt his feelings, I just took broccoli and chicken; sorry dear......

Friday, 20 September 2019

Day 9:

I have to accept the fact that, I've really missed my haven ( gym). Nevertheless, I spent a good time stretching/ yoga for more than an hour.

Followed by.........

Prone alternative glute squeezed.

Floor hip flexor stretch


* Loaded sumo squat 32,5bl


Glute bridge to leg raises on a stability ball.

Hip adductor ball squeeze.

* Bench barbell loaded hip thrust (smith machine) 70bl

* Bulgarian split squat on stability ball very hard to keep my balance.

* Nordic hamstring curls

I spent 30 Mins on Stairmaster steady cardio level 6. Guys, in the first minutes; I almost gave up but I pushed myself and fasted until 4:30 pm. My breakfast and lunch really late.


I settled for collagen, protein and some almond milk 🥛 (1 forgot a tbsp of MCT oil)


For lunch, I had leafy greens, tomatoes tuna fish, avocado and 4 tbsp avocado oil.

Since I had my breakfast and lunch late, I skipped dinner, I wasn't hungry at all. The day ended so soon, goodnight everyone.

Saturday, 21 September 2019

Day 10:

A brand new day....... Today's Saturday, the sky still dark. I woke up so early; leaving my husband in bed, this the hardest part since we are not sharing weekends morning time together as we used to do due to work ....... thanks to God and the strong dedication I had towards my goal. So I took to my heels and went to the gym for Abs day.

I stretched for 30min.....

List isometric hold exercise:


Elbows plank

Leg lift hold

Unilateral loaded v-sit

Hollow hold

Side elbows plank

Bulldog hold

Superman hold

Bird dog

Hand plank

Dead bug hold

Glute bridge

Cross mountain climber hold

Side hand plank

V-sit reach through

Weight core exercise

* A superset:

Hanging leg raises and hanging alternate knee raises

* Barbell floor wiper on smith machine 35bl each side

* Side rope swing rotation 15bl.


I did Intervals sprint, 10 intervals for 20min straight, 1 to 6mph.


For breakfast, I took 4 tbsp of MCT oil, almond, Nativepath collagen scoop and sun warrior pea protein scoop.


I skipped lunch I wasn’t hungry.


I Went out to the restaurant close by, I took salmon and spinach. 1 square of Lindt dark chocolate 85% cocoa.

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Day 11:

Today is Sunday.... I Woke up as early as 6:30 am for the day, Yoo-hoo I feel

energized! I used to sleep on a day such as this, but not with such a goal I knew I am gonna achieve by any means permissible.

I decided to check my weight this morning. I weighted 137bl for 5’ 7” Imagine!! I already lost 3bl and 1% body fat, muscle mass at 34bl and ketones 2.1 mmol/L after a good workout.

I also spent 45 Min swimming,

Upper body workout:

* 4 sets until failure up.

Dumbbells bent over row 60bl.

Barbell deadlifts 50bl.

* Standing overhead barbell push press 25bl.

* Superset:

21's exercise 30bl

Dumbbells farmer walk 60bl.

* 4 sets of dips until failure.

Seated close grip cable row 55bl.

Seated wild grip cable row pull-down 55bl.

I intentionally skipped stretching, I needed to spend some time with my husband.


After the workout, I took 4 tbsp MCT oil, a scoop of collagen, 1 scoop of pea protein and 1 tbsp of instant coffee.


I prepared homemade tuna salad (dry tomatoes, onion, avocado, pepper, chia seeds, mayonnaise and avocado oil).

Monday 23 September 2019

Day 12:


This morning was oooooh Christ! I had the craziest breakfast ever. I had a grilled veal liver. Actually, the scene happened when I was craving something I didn’t know of in particular. I was doing my grocery shopping to a nearbY store I didn't know what I was looking for and I didn’t wanna go for sweet so I had liver.


I settled for 3 tbsp of MCT oil, sun warrior protein and chocolate unsweetened almond milk.

List of workout:



Elbows plank

Mountain climb

Leg lift hold


Unilateral loaded v-sit

In and out abs

Hollow hold

Leg raises

Side elbows plank

Touch toes

Bulldog hold

Flutter kicks

Is an exercise that specifically targets the lower abdominal wall. You perform this move by lying on your back and using your core to “flutter” your legs up and down. You'll often see this type of move performed in Pilates, barre and strength training classes.

Superman hold

Raises leg cycles

Bird dog


Is an abdominal exercise that strengthens the transverse abdominals, helping flatten your belly and strengthen your entire core.

Hand plank

Crunches kicks

Dead bug hold

Reverse plank hover

Glute bridge

Heel touch

Cross mountain climber hold

Russian twists:

The Russian twist is a type of exercise that is used to work the abdominal muscles by performing a twisting motion on the abdomen

Side hand plank

Knee to elbows with a hold of 3 secs

V-sit reach through


I spent about an hour and a half on Street bike as cardio. I had a crazy busy time but I stuck to my workout.

When I got home, I stretched for about 35min.


At dinner, I took a chicken salad with mayonnaise and had some green leafy green.

Before bed, I make sure to take 1 tbsp of MCT oil and green detox.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Day 13:

Hello everyone, today is my 13th day and I wanna try a trick to boost my muscle building. Believe me, it's working!!!

I engage in an hour of stretching: as a regular routine, you can do prone alternative glute squeezes and floor hip flexor stretch to unlock your glutes.

* Side elbows plank with hip abduction.

* Frog glute bridge.

* Single leg kettlebell deadlifts 45bl.

* Barbell back squat 60bl.

* Superset:

Machine leg press 140bl

Toes press on leg press machine 140bl.

* Leg curls machine 65bl.

* Straight leg kickback purple strength band.

* Leg extension quads curls 70bl.

Cardio 30mins of Stairmaster.


Back home I broke my fast with:

Mashed potatoes (less than 50grams)

Dates (less than 15 grams)

Omega 3 (2 grams)

1 scoop of collagen

30min later I had

1 scoop of sun warrior pea protein.

and 3 tbsp of MCT oil.


While for lunch and dinner, I settled for small beef steak and Swiss shades with onion and white mushroom.

Before bed, I took 1 tbsp of MCT oil and 1scoop of green detox.

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Day 14:

This morning is full of light, I have started observing some improvements already. My muscles look leaner now, still, I enjoyed working out and these improvements always create a sense of belonging in me. As always, I worked out fasting this morning.

This morning, I started with an hour stretching 🙆‍♀️


* 5 X 5 Snatch with 55bl.

* Kettlebell swing 25bl Dumbbell dead row 60bl

* Dumbbell single-arm row 20bl.

* Inverted row

* Superset: 10bl each side

Standing crossover cable face pull

Kneeling crossover cable high pull

Standing crossover cable down pull.

* Push-ups 4 sets until failure.

I also engage in 45 min swim which was freestyle oriented. Nevertheless, I really did enjoy swimming.

I broke fast with 1 scoop of collagen and almond mil.


1 scoop of pea protein

3 tbsp of MCT oil


Tonight am settling for 2 pieces of grilled burger (kafta style) Green salad with cucumber, avocado, tomatoes and avocado oil

Before bed

I managed to take 1 scoop of green detox and 1 tbsp of MCT oil. Peaceful and relaxing end of the day........

Thanks for your follow up, see you next week........

Week 3

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Day 15:

The development has just begun. Early this morning, I could see huge changes in my body, a lot of muscles growth on my lower and upper part. In my discovery, it has been so hard to develop my upper body muscles, with this development; I am so happy. This week I am planning on one day of dry fasting.

Last week was a different concept. I planned on a special workout by the fourth week, I wanna change my work-out plan to improve myself further.


Before anything, I had plain Greek yoghurt 2% and a scoop of collage.

Leg day:

I performed 45 min of stretching as usual Prone alternative, Floor hip flexor stretch and glute squeeze stretches are a must for each leg day.

* Loaded sumo squat 32,5bl

* Superset:

Glute bridge to leg raises on a stability ball.

Hip adductor ball squeeze With 3-sec hold.

* Bench barbell loaded hip thrust (smith machine) 90bl.

* Bulgarian split squat on a stability ball

* Nordic hamstring curls


I settled for leafy green and fry chicken and coconut oil.

A moment after that, I spent 1h 20mins on Street bike. I had to go from Queens to Manhattan, I intentionally rode my bike to get my cardio done.


I settled for a small portion of stuffed peppers. Believe it, I love that! Keto meal is forever perfect.

Before bedtime, I had 1 tbsp of MCT oil and 1 scoop of green detox which concluded the day.

Friday, 27 September 2019

Day 16:

Today was quite promising. I trained and fasted today. Guys, how does that sound? I did my favourite isometric core exercises. Since the day I started this Abs routine, I felt my core muscles like a rock....

I performed 1 min hold for each exercise enlisted below...


2)Elbows plank

3)Leg lift hold

4)Unilateral loaded v-sit

5)Hollow hold

6)Side elbows plank

7)Bulldog hold

8)Superman hold

9)Bird dog

10)Hand plank

11)Dead bug hold

12)Glute bridge

13)Cross mountain climber hold

14)Side hand plank

15)V-sit reach through

Weight core exercise A superset:

Hanging le raises, hanging alternate knee raises and knees raises.

Barbell floor wiper on smith machine 90bl.

Side rope swing rotation 20bl.

Afterwards, I spent 1hour 30mins on Street bicycle. I am enjoying my last days of nice weather. I am a summer person by nature, I’ll definitely miss being outdoor sooner.

Currently, my body fat is at 23,7%, ketones at 2.4mmol/L


I was planning on 24h but since my ketones are highly At 5:30 pm on dot, I have fasted for 20 hours. Based on my disposition, I wanna build a lean muscle without the fat. This morning, I settled for lesser then 50 g sweet potatoes, 3 baby dattes, 1 Omega 3, 1/2 tbsp of Himalayan salt. A cup of coffee with 1 scoop of collagen.


I had Broccoli sautéed, with coconut oil fried tilapia, including 1 square of Ghirardelli chocolate which is 92% of cacao and dark (choc is my weakness 🍫) it has only 3 grams of total carbohydrate no guil.


I settled for 1 scoop of sun warrior pea protein and 3 tbsp of MCT oil.

Before bed, I had 1 tbsp of MCT oil and 1 scoop of green detox.

Saturday, 28 September 2019

Day 17

I woke up as early as possible. As at 7:30 am, I was at the gym, it wasn’t that hard to get out of bed this time; because my husband left to work so early. Today's training was in reverse, normally, I swim after my workout. However, today was quite different, I had to start my training with swimming; due to the weekend swimming pool hours.

I had 45mins of swim 🏊‍♀️

I spend 50 minutes stretching, ooooh God when I remember myself saying "I don’t really need it" and I preferred spending more time at something else. Supposed I had realized how ignorant I was, regarding the benefits of stretching on the muscles; I would have started when I was a toddler. Just joking!


* Dumbbells bent over row 60bl.

* 45bl Barbell deadlifts plus 50bl plate total of 95bl.

* Standing overhead 45bl barbell push press

* Superset:

Fixed barbell 21's exercise 30bl

Dumbbells farmer walk 60bl.

* 4 sets of dips until failure.

* Seated close-grip cable row 55bl.

* Seated wild grip cable row pull-down 70bl.

* 4 sets until failure pull up.


I settled for 2 fried eggs with mozzarella


I took Tuna, tomatoes and bleu cheese with a lot of avocado oil.


I settled for Steak, onion, mushrooms a cheese with a green salad and a lot of avocado oil.

Furthermore, I had 2 square chocolate 92% cacao intense dark during the day.

Before bed: I settled for 1 scoop of collage, 1 scoop of green detox and 1 tbsp of MCT oil.

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Day 18

I was a bit tired, Just taking a day off and chill, I may do some stretching later on. Currently, my ketones are at 2,4mmol/L

I have to tell you guys that drinking water is so hard for me. As a personal trainer, I always tell my clients to drink more and I do explain the benefits of water; but I don’t really drink myself. To change this kind of orientation or hypocrisy lives! Last week, I ensured I got a 1-gallon bottle of water to keep track of my water intake. I had 1-gallon of water the whole week, I am so proud I did it, this indeed a big step for me.


I Break my fast with 1 tbsp of MCT oil.

My husband and I went to dinner, where I had a farmer omelette. Though, no bread, no potatoes. However, it wasn’t so hard to eat breakfast out. The waitress made a funny sound when I said no toast no potato she was a bit overweight maybe I inspired her.


For lunch, I settled for a green salad with tuna, bleu cheese and a lot of avocado oil. 1 square of intense dark chocolate.


At 6 pm I had 1 scoop of green detox and 1 tbsp of MCT oil. I started dry fasting, I’ll see if I can do 24 hours or I’ll eat by Tuesday. You know what? I like listening to my body, so I’ll decide tomorrow.

Monday, 30 September 2019

Day 19

Today was the perfect moment to perform different exercises. I have decided to break my fast by the end of the day and I'm feeling okay not hungry. Leg day is always exciting, I love it; except for the Stairmaster part lol.

I engaged in a thorough 40Mins straight of stretching as a must prone alternative glute squeezes and floor hip flexor stretch to unlock my gluteus


* Side elbows plank with hip abduction.

* Frog glute bridge.

* Single leg kettlebell deadlifts 45bl.

* Barbell back squat 75bl.


Machine leg press 160bl.

Toes press on leg press machine 160bl. Leg

* Curls machine 70bl.

* Cable leg kickback 20bl.

* Leg extension quads curls 90bl.

I spent 30 Mins on Stairmaster and when I felt I was gonna give up anytime but I pushed myself, I talked to mom on phone just to keep myself distracted. Mum really did help me, thanks Mom.....much love

I So I did level 6, I think it was around 66 mph, 30mins and 105 floors. Wasn’t hard but each time I have to do cardio which I find boring, I hate being in the same place doing the same thing for that long period.

My ketones were at 3mmol/L


It's high time to break my dry fast, I had some water with 1/2 tbsp of Himalayan salt, yum potatoes very smaller even lesser than 50g, 3 small dates, one omega 3 and plain Greek yoghurt.

Little by little I reintroduced water to my organism.

After an hour I had keto garlic mushroom chicken yummy.

I had a minor client problem which I laid off immediately. I had a moment of weakness I had about 2 squares of milk chocolate, and 4 small butter fingers cookies. I am kinda scared of the day's consumption that it’ll kick me out of keto what done is done anyway. Nevertheless, I’ll figure it out tomorrow.

Tuesday, 01 October 2019

Day 20

Immediately I woke up, the first thing I did was checked my ketones level, thank God; I was 1,5mmol/L I felt relieved.


I settled for 1 scoop of collagen 1 scoop of pea protein, 1 tbsp instant coffee, 1 tbsp of MCT oil and some cashews almond milk.


I took a salad with fry chicken.

Throughout the day, I did a small workout which I designed for a purpose. Am not really proud of that, but an average bread is better then none, and I was in a mood of learning. I engaged in 26 mins workout........

1 min hold for each exercise enlisted below


2)Elbows plank

3)Leg lift hold

4)Unilateral loaded v-sit

5)Hollow hold

6)Side elbows plank

7)Bulldog hold

8)Superman hold

9)Bird dog

10)Hand plank

11)Dead bug hold

12)Glute bridge

13)Cross mountain climber hold

14)Side hand plank

15)V-sit reach through


I settled for stuffed peppers with parmigiana cheese yummy, I also had a double portion. Tonight, I think I got kicked out of keto, I am not worried, I'll get it back today.

Before bed, I had 1scoop of green detox with 1tbsp of MCT oil.

Wednesday, 02 October 2019

Day 21

Good morning everyone.......


This morning, I settled for 2 fried eggs with mozzarella cheese.


on some peanuts and cashews.

Today it's kinda weird, probably due to my period but I am craving sweets like there’s no tomorrow, huh!

Currently on the back and Abs workout........ I had to make up for yesterday's lag.

I performed 40 Mins stretching and did some handstands


* 5 X 5 Snatch with 50bl.

* Kettlebell swing 25bl

* Dumbbell dead row 40bl.

* Dumbbell single-arm row 20bl.

* Inverted row

* Superset: 10bl.

1)Standing crossover cable face pull

2)Kneeling crossover cable high pull

3)Standing crossover cable down pull Push-

* ups 4 sets until failure.

Double cardio day

40 Min cardio core exercises.

Leg raises


hanging legs raises on mountain climb dumbbells Swiss twist bicycle

In and out Abs, side to side and middle.

I spent 45 Mins of swimming, which was freestyle.

Sauna 🧖‍♀️ for 20min.


For this evening, I took Chicken salad with mayonnaise pickles and some tomatoes. I love vegetable so I have to have some; each meal.

I can’t believe that the 3rd week is over, more juicy stuff are coming.

Week 4

Thursday, 03 October 2019

Day 22

Good morning everyone. Happy Thursday, you guys might be thinking what's up today? I believe a brand new day demands a brand new techniques, thinking, observation, and more..... Normally, I like changing workout and always challenging my body. It's natural that after 3 weeks the body would start adapting to the workout.

Legs day

Guys, I have to be sincere; I kinda felt moody early this morning, it took me 2 hours to go from the reception of the gym to the stretching area, I just didn’t feel like working out but I had to do it. I am committed!!!


I had bagel and chocolate at the reception of the gym, this was just the beginning of my day and I won't call that breakfast.

I was looking for a push from someone else; l texted my husband and my life coach, I would say I don’t know what I was looking for at the moment. Nevertheless, in the end, I found it inside me. I finally got some m&m’s and started stretching and went to the free weight area. As soon as I started, I felt the endorphins and said yes I got this!! I have no idea if it was because of my period coming soon, thyroid hormones or even New York weather. While I was there, we had Florida weather one day and Alaska weather the next one. I am not looking for excuses to run off, I am happy I finally worked out even though some hindrances don't want me to.

This is the picture I sent to my life coach when I started working out.

30min stretching felt good


* 5x5 back squat barbell 45bl + 40bl plates.

* Weighted Frog bridge 45bl.

* Superset: 160bl

Leg press

Calf raises

* Smith machine back lunges 70bl.

* Barbell bench hip flexor 70bl.

Today was so hot, I workout really harder, I hope my muscles will be sore tomorrow.

I finished with 30min Stairmaster 66/mph

I felt energized and even if I had a lot of food that I wasn’t supposed to have, I still exercised, I have less guilt on my shoulders.

I’ll skip the food log today because I had more chocolate and chips. I would say the lentil soup with chicken I made earlier in the day was the only thing I had healthy. I am not proud but at least I am honest.

I stopped drinking and eating at 7:30 pm. I’ll do dry fast until Saturday morning after my workout it should get me back to keto faster.

Friday, 04 October 2019

Day 23

Today is Abs day, am still on dry fasting.

I did my usual core isometric exercises, I love them, I saw huge changes in my core strength.

A min hold on each exercise enlisted below


2)Elbows plank

3)Leg lift hold

4)Unilateral loaded v-sit

5)Hollow hold

6)Side elbows plank

7)Bulldog hold sharing a little video how to do bulldog exercise

8)Superman hold

9)Bird dog

10)Hand plank

11)Dead bug hold

12)Glute bridge

13)Cross mountain climber hold

14)Side hand plank

15)V-sit reach through

I put some more focus on my obliques

Furthermore, I did a circuit of 4 sets of obliques exercises:

*Ball wall side throws exercises 16bl

*Hanging obliques knees raises,

* Bosu mountain climb,

* Obliques extension exercises 10bl on back extension machine.

Declined weighted side sit-ups 10bl

I spent 95mins on-street bicycle.

I checked my ketones level after my workout they are still low so I’ll check them again after 40 hours of dry fasting I hope I’ll be back on keto.

I intentionally skipped the meal for the day.

Saturday, 05 October 2019

Day 24

Another day in reverse, I woke up at 6:30 am on dot. I did 40 min of freestyle swim.

I spent 20 min on sauna 🧖‍♀️


* 5x5 barbell 45bl snatch no weight added

* Seated cable rope face pull 20bl

* One arm cable pulley rows 35bl

* Seated wild grip pull down 57,5bl.

* Back extension with 30bl fixed barbell

* Superset:

4 sets until failure Pull-ups

I did Battle ropes exercises

I engaged in 40 min stretching at the end.

Back home I tested my ketones level, Yoo-hoo! I am back to keto even if is just 0.4mmol/L after 40 hours dry fasting that’s how far I was kicked out of ketoses.

I Broke my fast with kombucha tea due to my constipation problem laterally.


For breakfast, I settled for 1 scoop of pea protein, 1 scoop of collagen Cashew almond milk 1 tbsp of MCT oil, 1 tbsp of instant coffee


I took Green leafy salad with grilled chicken and avocado oil


Tonight was a royal bouquet. We had a grand Family dinner, we shared appetizers roasted cheesy asparagus and capers which was mozzarella cheese and tomatoes salad.

I settled for creamy Branzini fish and artichoke with steamed broccoli and some carrots.

Sunday, 06 October 2019

Day 25


I had 1/2 Roasted avocado with an egg. Shake: Almond cashew milk, 1 scoop of protein, 1 scoop of collagen, 2 tbsp of MCT oil


We went to a food festival at Brayan park, New York City. I had kale & chicken salad from Junzi cheese restaurant thank you junzi for the free meal was delicious we will be back.

I didn’t work out but I walked for 6 hours non-stop, I remember taking some Snacks, a handful of mixed nuts.

Monday, 07 October 2019

Day 26


I had 2 fried eggs with chicken and mozzarella cheese

I was moody all day. I skipped the gym, yes trainers do skip workouts and have cheat meals sometimes. However, the good thing about my day was that; I spoke to my life coach and talked about personal problems and my little business achievements this week. I felt good a bit. I had two days of rest this week which I’ll definitely make up for them.

One meal:

I settled for Roasted cauliflower and broccoli with chuck steak and skipped dinner.

Tuesday, 08 October 2019

Day 27

Today was kinda weird. I didn’t eat at all I just drank water, herbal tea and black coffee.

But I ensured I worked out

Legs day:

35 min of stretching

* Frog bridge.

*Kettlebell Single leg deadlifts 45bl.

* Hip adductor ball squeeze With 3-sec hold. * Bulgarian split squat on a stability ball

* Leg curls machine 70bl.

* Cable leg kickback 30bl.

* Leg extension quads curls 90bl.

30 min Stairmaster level 7. Yoo-hoo!

I had a good night of sleep, I slept early because I felt like breaking my fast earlier so I decided to sleep I forget my hunger ( wasn’t really hungry)

Wednesday, 09 October 2019

Day 28

Good morning everyone, I started with 40Min stretching today........

I took a lot of pictures for my Instagram account today, I am not that kind of person but I am trying to go online and break some rules. No choice, I have to pass by social media


I had 1 min hold for each exercise enlisted below


2)Elbow plank

3)Leg lift hold

4)Unilateral loaded v-sit

5)Hollow hold

6)Side elbow plank

7)Bulldog hold

8)Superman hold

9)Bird dog

10)Hand plank

11)Dead bug hold

12)Glute bridge

13)Cross mountain climber hold

14)Side hand plank

15)V-sit reach through

Weight core exercise

A superset:

Hanging le raises, hanging alternate knee raises and knees raises.

*Barbell floor wiper on smith machine 90bl. *Side rope swing rotation 25bl.


I didn’t break my fast until the end of my day,

2 fried eggs with mozzarella


I Mixed leafy green salad with tuna

Snack handful of mix nut, I love that.

I had all kind of tea, I enjoy cold weather because of tea and a hot bath. lol, I am a summer person.

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Day 29

I had 40 min stretching isometric exercises included, A- triangle, The “No-money”, Pull-Apart, moving black burns.

I also did:


A push-up is a common callisthenics exercise beginning from the prone position or the front leaning rest position known in the military.

* Dips: A dip is an upper-body strength exercise. Narrow, shoulder-width dips primarily train the triceps, with major synergists being the anterior deltoid, the pectoralis muscles, and the rhomboid muscles of the back.

* Bent over barbell row 65bl

* Punching with dumbbells 5bl

* One-arm kettlebell row 30bl

* Behind the neck pull-down 57,7bl

* Good morning: The good-morning is a weight-lifting exercise. It is known as a good morning because of the movement in the erector spinae which resembles the rise out of bed to stretch.

* Stiff-legged deadlift 105bl

I also had 30 mins swim.


For breakfast, I had 2 eggs with mozzarella cheese.


Sometimes, the day, schedule, and time combine 2 meals together at a spot. I settled for coconut fried chicken with zucchini and eggplant chips. I also took 1 tbsp MCT oil before bed.

We have come to the end of the week, hope you've learned from my close call in one way or the other? It doesn't end here, the game just began.......... Stay tuned.